Best sewing machine for thrifting projects

61Pw7wO-xSL._SL1500_You have been on the hunt for a pair of high-rise flared denim jeans without embellished back pockets.  You can imagine how great they will look on you.  Not to mention how fashion forward they will be!  You have seen them in all the high-fashion magazines and street wear blogs and know they are about to be mainstream.  You are determined to rock them before they become mainstream, because when things become mainstream that signals the beginning of the end.  You want to nurse a newborn, not a grown man.  This jeans will be your newborn.  So determined to find them you scour the racks of every clothing store within a 30 mile radius.  You spend hours frantically combing through jeans then your desperation leads you to search the clearance aisles.  Still no luck.  Finally you admit defeat and conclude that you will never find  pair of high rise flared denim jeans without embellished back pockets.

Sad you decide to get a throw away cheap shirt that you can cry in and spill ice cream on.

To find that shirt you go to the thrift shop next to the mall.  You enter the shop and as if it was meant to be the  perfect pair of  pair of high-rise flared denim jeans without embellished back pockets stares at you.  The chorus to Sias song Chandelier starts plying and suddenly the imaginary camera crew around you is spinning.


It’s like faith when you find that perfect pair of jeans.  You start crying but not the sad tears you anticipated but happy ones.

You run to look at the jeans closely and upon further inspection are blown away by how close to perfection the really are.  The medium wash fabric as well as the use of three buttons to close the pants are exactly what you are looking for.  The pants are in your size!  Ahhh everything is perfect.  Except for one thing.  The perfect jeans are too long! What are you going to do?!

If you are a regular thrifter chances are you’ve encountered the problems above.  I have encountered them plenty of times!  Unfortunately, I was not blessed with speedy fingers that can hem a pair of pants in 5 minutes or sew some decorative buttons on a plain blazer etc.  I also was not blessed with the financial ability to fork out $100+ on a sewing machine.  Oh, and I wasn’t blessed with space.  So what WAS I blessed with???  The superpower of finding a way 😎.  

So I found this super cheap, tiny, sewing machine that is absolutely perfect for adjustments to clothing found at thrift stores.  The sewing machine is titled the iBoost Portable Sewing Machine and I purchased it on Amazon for 18.99! (oh yeah this post is not sponsored).  The best part of this sewing machine is that its battery operated!  So you don’t have to run up your electric bill taking in the waist of a pair of pants from the thrift store.  The ability to alter items gives me the ability to not have to worry about whether clothes are too big or too long.  The freedom has given me the opportunity to purchase brilliant pants, blazers, and shit from the men’s section as well as awesome women pieces in larger sizes.  A sewing machine enabled me to take my thrifting to the next level.  The iBoost enabled me to level up while staying in my budget.  So, in the words of Ciara, level up.

Author: brandi

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