The Most underrated clothing item

Imagine, you’re stranded on a dessert Island because your cruise boat crashed.  You do not get reception on the island so you cannot use your cellphone to call for help.  Also, unlike on Gilligans Island, you do not have a years worth of fashionable and diverse clothing items.  So under those circumstances what would you wear?  What clothing item would be the most useful?  What ONE clothing item can double as other cute pieces (you have to be cute, never know who will rescue you)?

I would answer a t-shirt.  T-shirts are so versatile.  A t-shirt is not only this

It can also be turned into this

or this

etc.  The possibilities of a t shirt are endless!  Think about it, t shirts are awesome and a lot don’t realize it.  The t shirt is underrated because we do not understand the variety of ways which it can be used.  I hope to make you realize the value of t shirts in my ongoing weekly series titled “The Sisterhood of the Traveling tee” were every week I make a post detailing a marvelous creation made possible by a t-shirt!

What is your favorite way to use a t shirt?

Author: brandi

Just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

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