Thrifting Tips

It’s the 5 thrift commandments 😎

(based loosely on the 10 crack commandments by the Notorious B.I.G)

1. Rule nombre uno, never let no one know, how much dough you hold ’cause you know

This rule is especially important when thrifting at venues where the price is not definitely set like at garage sales or farmers markets.  You don’t want to let the seller know you just got paid at work or just paid your kids tuition because your perceived financial situation will affect the sellers willingness to barter with you.

2. Never let ’em know your next move

This rule ties into rule number one.  You do not want to let the seller know that you plan to hit up your local Goodwill afterwards, for example.  This will influence their pricing suggestions.  This rule also applies when shopping at big box stores, letting them know you’re looking to buy 10 pairs of boys jeans may lead clerks to not put out their merchandise if limited.

3. Never trust no-bo-dy

A bad thing has happened to me before because I didn’t listen to this rule.  I found the perfect pair of gypsy cowboy boots in my size and everything and went to the front to grab a cart to carry my finds.  In my trek to the front of the store I ran into a “friend” and trusted this woman and told her about the boots.  That female snatched my boots up by the time I came back for them.  So I learned my lesson and now hopefully you all will learn from my mistakes.

4. Number four, I know you heard this before, never get high on your own supply.

Not really sure how this relates to thrifting, 🤔 Any ideas?

While you’re thinking I will take the liberty to make a suggestion.  I suggest listening to music while thrifting.  Thrifting is self-care and most self care acts are accentuated by music (exercising, meditation, massage, etc.)  Also listening to music will put you in a better mood and in a better state in which you are more likely to not get frustrated when digging through hundreds of garment that don’t appeal to you in hope of finding at least one that does.

5. Number 5, never buy no clothes where you rest at

I thoroughly agree with this rule, to not buy clothes at thrift stores within a five mile radius of your home.  The reason why is that thrift stores tend to stock inventory that they receive from donations received from local patrons.  Therefore by doing so it is likely that you will purchase a jacket or something from your local thrift store then receive the embarrassing accusation of “is that my old (insert item here)?”.  Or you’ll have your new friend over and they’ll be like “This is my old couch, my dog peed on it thats why I gave it away”.  Save yourself from having to have these awkward moments by not thrifting in your neighborhood.

So follow these rules you’ll have mad clothes to break up 😎. All (lame) jokes aside these are my thrifting tips.  Do you have any?  I’d love to know what they are so I can use them the next time I thrift.  Leave your tips, suggestions, and comments in the comments section!

Author: brandi

Just a squirrel trying to get a nut.

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