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Aliexpress is far from crappy

At work one day I overheard a coworker ask another coworker how were the products on Aliexpress.  She responded that they were crappy and then proceeded to show her online examples of the product failures received by patrons of  Alieepress.  Upon hearing her response of “crappy” in response to the question posed of how was Alieexpress I strongly disagreed, I have had nothing but positive experiences from them and have referred numerous friends to them with success.  I disagreed but I did not say anything because that’s how you get your wig split, jumping into other people’s conversations.  I was taught to eavesdrop in silence 😉.

So as I eavesdropped others joined in on the roast of Aliexpress.  Common admonishmenat stated were that you could only buy poor quality knockoff club dresses and shoes from the site.  As I listened to them in my wig from aliexpress it dawned on me that many do not know how great alieexpress is or the vast array of products they sell.  A need to eradicate that fueled this post!  So here are 7 things you can buy on Alieexpress that are awesome!

1. Wigs and Weaves


I am an avid buyer of hair from Aliexpress.  I faithfully brought bundles from the website from 2012-2016.  I started buying weave my Junior year of college and transitioned to wigs during my second year of graduate school and of course I went to Aliexpress for my needs.  Hair quality varies on Aliexpress based on seller.  So in the beginning of your journey there are a lot of hits and misses.  But once you find the perfect hair for cheap all you’re searching will be well; worth it.


2. Jewelry


Aliexpress of course offers a wide variety of jewelry options.  This is nice because jewelry trends come and go faster than Usain Bolt.  Last year minimalist jewelry was everywhere, the year before that all you could find were jewelry pieces that made you look like a dominatrix or prisoner, and back in my day it was all about statement jewelry. If you are just riding jewelry trend chances are you don’t want to spend too much on pieces anyway.  I buy ALL of my jewelry on Aliexpress and frankly have never been let down.  The quality of the metals used to craft the jewelry is akin to that of any fast fashion store but the crafting is a lot better because many manufacturers on Alieexpress are small home-based businesses that really care about providing a good product.

3.   Knockoff Bags

There are a lot of mixed feelings about knockoff purses and wallets.  There are many who have moral reasons for not wanting to buy knockoffs as they consider knockoffs to be physical representation of theft from an artist.  Then on the other hand you have people like me, those girls with champagne tastes on a beer budget; and that’s who knockoff purses are made for!  We can have a Birkin and still have coin left to treat ourselves to Ihop ;}.

4. Winter Jackets

Those who live in places where it actually gets cold will probably disagree on my Screenshot 2018-08-10 12.21.52assertion that Aliexpress has really cute and warm winter jackets, but I live in New Orleans and they work for me.  The coats and jackets on Aliexpress are cute and comfortable. I was able to get three coats and a scarf for the price of what I would pay for one coat!




5. Sweaters

Warm and comfy sweaters are one of those things that you don’t realize you need until Screenshot 2018-08-10 12.06.26you have one, like socks.  Sweaters are the socks of outer garments.  They are not appreciated until they are there.  Sweaters are also really great gifts.  Last christmas I purchased about 10 random sweaters with phrases like “Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal” and assorted memes and gave them as presents.  The best part was that I could give awesome and memorable presents for cheap.

Aliexpress is not only good for joke sweaters but fashionable ones as well!  I have purchased many sweaters from the site, my favorite being the one in the image to the right!

What’s your favorite thing to buy on Aliexpress?