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The Most underrated clothing item

Imagine, you’re stranded on a dessert Island because your cruise boat crashed.  You do not get reception on the island so you cannot use your cellphone to call for help.  Also, unlike on Gilligans Island, you do not have a years worth of fashionable and diverse clothing items.  So under those circumstances what would you wear?  What clothing item would be the most useful?  What ONE clothing item can double as other cute pieces (you have to be cute, never know who will rescue you)?

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How to find luxury items at the thrift store

So most of us are familiar with the “urban legend” of finding a luxury item in a pile of Mens tee shirts and children socks at Goodwill.  Stories of finding Birkin bags or Loubotins at a thrift store are commonly dismissed as aspirational stories that could never possibly happen.  But that phenomenon has happened frequently in the past and can happen to you! To learn how to make that happen click read more.

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Best sewing machine for thrifting projects

61Pw7wO-xSL._SL1500_You have been on the hunt for a pair of high-rise flared denim jeans without embellished back pockets.  You can imagine how great they will look on you.  Not to mention how fashion forward they will be!  You have seen them in all the high-fashion magazines and street wear blogs and know they are about to be mainstream.  You are determined to rock them before they become mainstream, because when things become mainstream that signals the beginning of the end.  You want to nurse a newborn, not a grown man.  This jeans will be your newborn.  So determined to find them you scour the racks of every clothing store within a 30 mile radius.  You spend hours frantically combing through jeans then your desperation leads you to search the clearance aisles.  Still no luck.  Finally you admit defeat and conclude that you will never find  pair of high rise flared denim jeans without embellished back pockets.

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